Mistakes Job Seekers Make – Mistake #1 – Sending out a resume that is not a “10”

Even through the economy is struggling, there are jobs to be had – it’s just a matter of learning what to do so you reap the biggest results. I’ll be sharing five simple rules, in the next couple of weeks, to help you get a handle on your job search now, so that you are aware of what works best.

What: Pass / send out a resume that is not totally effective – here is what to check:

  • Is your focus / target missing or unclear?
  • Is your skill set missing or incomplete?
  • Are your key words absent or ones that are not the most effective?
  • Do you show your uniqueness, accomplishments/successes, or are they weak, or missing completely?
  • Is your resume formatted so that it is easy to read and the information flows well?
  • Does your resume have misspelled words?
  • Have you used a template so that your resume looks like everyone else’s?

Why: If your resume is not a “10” you are hurting / killing your chances of getting calls for interviews, no matter how great your skills and accomplishments are. You might as well not even send it out. You only have 15 – 20 seconds to impress the reader and be considered for the “keep” pile. If your resume isn’t great, you’re just not going to be in the handful of people chosen to interview. I am constantly amazed at what people send out to represent their value to potential employers – the first impression others receive is much less than desireable.

I know this might seem harsh, but I want to make sure you know the truth. In these economic times, you have to take special care that your resume stands out, or you don’t stand a chance of being called for the type of job you want, much less get the salary you deserve. A poor resume can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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