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Learn The “Right” Things To Do To Conduct An Effective Job Search

July 20, 2009

I recently found this quote by Richard Nelson Bolles, the author of “What Color Is Your Parachute?”:

“The one who gets the job IS NOT the best qualified, but the one who knows the most about getting a job”

This is especially true in today’s challenging economy. It’s those who know what techniques to use and how to use them that are getting jobs ahead of their peers. For those of you who are currently in a job search, you are finding out that what worked in the past is not working now.

Do you know what job search techniques work the best? Do you know where to spend your time and efforts so that you are working on things that are effective instead of spinning your wheels? Here are some tips that will help:

  • Companies and recruiters look for candidates on LinkedIn (30 million members) and other online sites such as Indeed and Simply Hired.
  • Each job seeker must have a prominent/professional online presence
  • Every “professional” site needs a “Value Statement” that clearly shows the value you bring to a company
    Use multiple channels in your job search:
  • Job Boards – Monster / Career Builder, etc – about 5% of people get jobs through job boards
  • Social Networking – make sure you are on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • It’s critical that your profile on each reflect the message you want conveyed (your value)
  • Think in terms of what employers are looking for
  • Join niches within LinkedIn and other online groups that apply specifically to what you want, such as accounting groups, IT groups, sales groups, etc
  • Visit professional association websites that relate to the type of job you want, like ASTD, FENG, etc
  • Check out groups on the Women for Hire website – it’s not just for women
  • In-person Networking – local BNI, Chamber of Commerce, NETSHARE, Motor City Connect (local in the Detroit area), and job fairs
  • Learn how to strike up conversations with people you don’t know – I struck up a conversation at a Chamber of Commerce meeting that could lead to me doing part-time coaching for a local university
  • Think about specific topics you could discuss so you won’t feel so overwhelmed when you are actually with a group of people
  • Target specific companies – Decide on 5 or 10 companies where you’d like to work – find out all you can about them – find out their pain (where they need help) and show them how you can help
  • Avoid the “black hole” in a company – find a referral / contact in the company and make a verbal /email contact to try to get a referral
  • Decide what companies interest you. For instance, would you prefer to work for a company founded by private equity or venture capital, would you prefer to work for a large public company, or a small privately held company, a forward thinking, fast-paced company, or a time-honored, deliberate company, a regulated or non-regulated company?
  • Research your ideal job and then find and talk with people who hold that kind of job you want

Bottom line: Job search is all about networking and getting an internal contact to recommend you!

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