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7 Quick Tips To Put a Job Search Plan Together

August 13, 2009

1. Take small steps.

Every effective and efficient job search begins with a Plan of Action. Without a plan, your job search will probably seem overwhelming and scattered. List the steps you need to take, and plot out a time frame for what you need to accomplish.

2. Understand the “A-E-I-O-U” phases of your job search:

Analyze your best fit in relation to market realities, and then settle on one or two targets for the focus of the search
Express skills in resumes, verbal scripts, and interviewing responses
Investigate by assembling a list of 15 – 20 companies and identifying their TOP issues and key contacts
Orchestrate targeted/active and traditional/passive search strategies
Uncover the employer’s priorities, needs, and motivation to hire; clarify the key deliverables of the target position and offer proof that you can do the job

3. Hone in on functional skills and industry experience.
The two most common factors for screening applicants are functional skills and industry experience. If you don’t score high in these two areas, your search can stall in a hurry. Find a job on the Internet that looks interesting to you. See the skill set that’s required. Make sure you have used those skills in your previous job experience.

4. Get motivated.
Motivation is another big factor to success. If you aren’t motivated and enthused about a job, how is the employer supposed to be enthused about hiring you? Decide just what you want, and go after it. Break through limiting beliefs with the A-B-Cs: Awareness, Beliefs, and Choices, that might be blocking your progress.

5. Create a job search budget.
Make sure you take into consideration the cost associated with a job search and budget your resources accordingly. Costs might include resume distribution, membership in professional organizations, networking expenses, travel expenses, relocation expenses, hiring a career coach, and so on.

6. Remember that job search is a team sport.
Assemble a job search team for support and accountability. Consider becoming a member of the Job Hunters Success Coaching Club, where you will be coached each month by an expert career coach. Listen to other job hunters share what works and what doesn’t work for them. Be accountable for what you say you will do and let others cheer and help you celebrate when you have successes. Joining the Job Hunters Success Coaching Club will cut weeks off your job search so that you’ll have money coming in again.

7. Evaluate progress.
To keep your plans on track, insert time into your weekly schedule to evaluate your progress, celebrate ground covered each week, and make adjustments for the upcoming week’s schedule.