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Two Secrets of Why You Are Not Getting Calls to Interview

October 8, 2009

I hear from Job Seekers all the time, who are frustrated because they send out their resume, then sit back, and wait for the phone to ring, with no results. They talk with others and maybe read career books, but do not understand why their job search isn’t working. Job Seekers often don’t look at the plan they have for their job search, and they don’t usually ask themselves Dr Phil’s proverbial question “How’s it working for you?” Instead, they just work harder and harder doing the same old things, and getting the same old results.

The first thing a Job Seeker must consider is to make sure their resume shows the value they bring to a company. Often times many people are interested in whether or not they are using the right format, whether they should have a one or two page resume, or whether the font is the right size. Their primary concentration needs to be focused on whether their resume directly shows their value in how they can address the employers’ needs, and the previous points need to be secondary. In order to be able to focus on an employers needs, the job candidate has to know what those needs are – specific skill sets and accomplishments that address those needs – in other words the unique value they can offer the employer so that the employers needs are met.

The second thing a Job Seeker must learn, is how to stand out in an interview from all the other candidates interviewing for the same position. Instead of just answering interview questions in the same old boring way that has always been suggested, talk about the value you bring to the employer. In order to do this, you have to be specific in the answers you give, and don’t answer questions in a general way – “I make things happen; I get the job done on time and within budget.” That doesn’t really tell the employer anything about your specific skill set, or how you can affect their bottom line.

Figure out ways to stand out from every other person that might be applying for the job you want. What makes you unique? What can you bring to the table that would be welcomed, but not expected? You need to show an employer where you fit in and why you are the best candidate over the other 500 who are interested in the same job. It is up to you to prove to an employer why you are the best applicant for the job.

Make sure that what you convey in your resume, and at the interview, provides the content that shows your value so that an employer can see why you are the one to solve the challenges they are experiencing. Give specific examples to show you are the best fit for the job. If you can show why you should be selected over the others, you will be offered the job.