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Are You making The Best Use Of Your Time?

May 6, 2010

Or – Are you wasting a lot of time?

Learn how to eliminate 13 time wasters.

When I talk with people looking for jobs, many complain that it is taking so long and that they spend more time than they would like on non-job searching activities. If this is you, I want to give you some tips to eliminate time wasters as you conduct your job search.

  1. Designate an “office” for your job search. I recommend a plastic file box with a snap-n lid, but it could be something as simple as a milk crate. Also, make sure you have a specific physical space, with computer, phone and supplies, where you can work.
  2. Make a file for each company you explore. This should include the resume and cover letter you sent, the job posting, contact names and referral source – anything you know about that company.
  3. Check your email only at certain times each day. It’s easy to loose focus on what you need to do and to waste time with email. I recommend checking it first thing in the morning and maybe about 1:00 in the afternoon. Spend your time on functions that are more important – like researching companies where you would like to work.
  4. Keep your files close at hand. Make sure you can access all necessary information about a company when a hiring manager calls. You cannot afford to rely on what you “remember” about the opportunity; rather you must recognize and respond to it with genuine interest!
  5. Set your goals each week for what you will accomplish and post them where you can see them. How many resumes will you send? Which companies will you research? Which networking events will you attend? Who will you call on this week? Identify the elements of your job search and quantify them. Only then will you know if you are making progress.
  6. Just say “no”! To your neighbor, friend, or spouse who thinks that as long as your not working….you can paint the living room, baby sit the neighbor’s kids, or hand out and watch TV.  Tips for saying no:
  • Stop, listen, and give your full attention to the request
  • Say “no” right away, politely but firmly – don’t build false hope
  • State your need to focus on your job search
  • Refrain from making excuses since this only annoys people

The next newsletter this month will have the seven remaining tips.