Is Your Personal Brand The One You Want It To Be?

What is your personal brand?

Don’t have one, you say? Wrong! We all have a personal brand – it just might not be what we want it to be.

What is a personal brand? It is that word, or phrase, that comes to mind when people think of you. Perhaps your personal brand is “whiner.” Perhaps, on the other hand, it’s “the one who gets things done around here.”

Whatever that brand is today, you can make it what you want it to be – and you should. As you know, the days of working for 40 years at one company are long gone. As you navigate through the many organizations where you will be employed during your career, you will be establishing your brand and a strong brand will help you make career decisions and it will help you attract the kind of organizations where you want to work.

Your brand is not what you say you are. You can’t become “the one who gets things done around here” simply by saying so. You must deliver before you can boast.

Before you deliver on your brand promise, you need to figure out what your unique value is. You need to first find what you do extremely well – what you do better than others / what you are passionate about / what employers will value.

Your job is to discover that one thing, by thinking over your career to date, taking assessments of yearly reviews, or by asking people who know you.

Once you have discovered that one thing that makes you unique, then I recommend you invest in your own professional growth in order to build your capacity to deliver that one thing even better. Most professional sports players spend countless hours with coaches and in practice trying to improve their skills. Investing time, money and effort in yourself is one of the most beneficial things you can do.

Finally, articulate what you do best in short concise statements, called accomplishment statements, so that others can see the specific value you are able to deliver.

ACTION: Take the time now to name up to three words that best describe you; and ask others to describe you in one or tow words – that’s a great place to start.

I welcome your comments.

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