7 Tips To Make Sure You Are In Control of Your Career

In my last blog posting, I gave you 7 tips for maximizing your presence on the Internet. Today, I want to give you some more tips to achieve a successful job search.

  1. Make sure you have a 60-Second Commercial that clearly articulates your career goals, give an indication of the value you bring to the type of job you want, and at the same time, creates a positive, lasting impression with the listener. This could make the difference as to whether your name is passed on to others or not! By the way, a 60-Second Commercial is needed whether you are currently conducting a job search or not.
  2. Take control of your career now. Whether you are employed, or unemployed, taking control of your career and your career destiny requires just one thing – action. Today’s career has a life cycle of its own. It changes often. It is fluid and dynamic, responding to market changes and taking advantage of new employment opportunities. Once you understand and accept this concept, your career will change. Then it’s up to you to take control and steer your career path in the direction that you want to go.
  3. Seek out a mentor – someone you admire, who is successful, has a higher position than you and is preferably in your field. Ask them if you can talk with them, on a continuing basis, about your career. You will be amazed at what can happen.
  4. Headhunters match candidates and companies together. However, they work for the company, not you. They will negotiate the best deal for you, as they are paid a percentage of your salary.
  5. References can make you or break you. Contact your references before you need them. Get their work and home numbers and email address. Ask, “Can I count on you to give me a good reference?
  6. If you are thinking about moving on to a new position, leave your current company gracefully, even if it is involuntarily. Don’t burn any bridges. You’ll need former employers and bosses as references. Show what a professional you are and that’s how they will remember you.
  7. Salary negotiation rule of thumb: Whoever mentions money first, loses. Don’t show your hand until the employer sees all the value you have to contribute and wants to hire you.

Whether you are looking to find a new job or not, practice these tips to keep your career on track.

Let me know what you think about these tips and what your best career advice is.

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