Google Searches and You

I talked with a client recently who was telling me about doing a Google search of their name and not liking some of the information that came up. Let’s say it was less than flattering to the client, and we were discussing ways to clean up what you might find floating around in cyberspace.

According to a survey conducted by Execunet, 93.2% of recruiters admitted to using online search engines to uncover information about candidates. Of these recruiters, 53% admitted to eliminating candidates based on negative information they found. So you can see – your image on the Internet is important.

In order for you to avoid “sticky situations” in your job search, it is necessary to clean up your digital dirt. This can be accomplished by doing the following:

  1. Google yourself routinely. Analyze your results to ensure that nothing unflattering is floating on the web. If you discover something you want removed, send an email to the host website asking that your information be deleted.
  2. Hire professional assistance. If you don’t have time, or know how to effectively clean up your online profile, hire a professional service to help. One such service is
  3. Develop a powerful personal PR file. Just as bad press can seriously damage your job search, an abundance of positive web entries will help to impress potential employers. Write a blog, comment on a blog or build a personal website that highlights your professional accomplishments and expertise.

I would like your feedback – have you experience some “sticky” information online?

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