5 of the Biggest Ways to Ruin Your Resume

  • Not having a specific focus or target

Often time people think if they put a real broad focus or target at the beginning of their resume, they will cover all of their bases and qualify for more jobs. Employers want to know exactly what kind of position you want and how you have the skill set for that position. The way resumes are scanned into company computers these days, it is imperative that your resume be as specific as possible.

  • Not having a summary of your career on the top half of the first page

Employers want to know more about your skill set, some accomplishment highlights you’ve had, key words that are relevant to the position you want and your education. Employers read this part first to see if they want to read further. The first half of your resume needs to be as concise as possible, yet give a maximum amount of information.

  • Not including accomplishments under your various positions

I can’t tell you how many resumes I see that list their responsibilities or what I call “tasks & duties” and nothing else. Employers don’t want a running dialog of what you did in other positions, they are much more interested in how you were successful – how you helped the company solve their problems or add to their bottom line. After all – that is why they are hiring you in the first place.

  • Including your salary demands

This should not be put on the resume. Its only used to screen a candidate out of the running or influence the employer to offer less money. Salary should not be discussed until you have had the opportunity to explain your value – in person or over the phone.

  • Using incompatible file types and formats

Electronic resumes should be created in the most readable file for (Internet-recruiting) systems, which is plain text or Microsoft Word.

Today’s resume needs to be readable by computer software that almost all companies have that store and sort resumes for open positions for that company. Text should have a font size between 10-12, and a simple font style, such as Arial, Courier, Helvetica or Times New Roman.

If your resume is not a “10”, it’s a waste of time to send it out, because you will not get calls for interviews.

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