Finally! Help For Those Who Are 50+ & Job Hunting

I am deep in preparation for launching my Affiliation for Business Professionals Over 50. My goal is to address the special needs and concerns for people in this age bracket, whether they are currently employed or looking for a job.

I have talked with many of you and asked about specific concerns. The responses I get include:

  • I am either under or over qualified for each position I apply for
  • My resume seems to vanish into some dark hole, and never receive any calls back from anyone
  • My perception is many employers/recruiters don’t want to deal with people over 50 or 55
  • It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when my job search lasts so long
  • I go to interviews, but never hear back from the company as to whether I got the job or not
  • Many companies want to hire contract help and not hire permanent employees directly
  • I’m afraid my savings and unemployment benefits will run out if I am out of work too long
  • When I apply on the Internet, I do not get any call-backs from the companies
  • I wonder if I can find a job in the same field I have been working

You have shared your valid concerns and I have listened. This is why I have created the Affiliation for Business Professionals Over 50. My goal is to make sure that you have the right information and tools to get as far in your career as you want to do. It’s not your fault that you don’t know this information. The rules are constantly changing and it’s hard to know what currently works and what doesn’t.

So, in order to address this concern, I will be holding a webinar each month where I will interview highly qualified experts in each of these subjects as to how best to address these challenges. I want to make sure you have every advantage to work int he job you want at the pay you deserve.

Please help me by letting me know of any other concerns you have in advancing your career, whether you are currently working or not. If yours are different than those listed above, please put them on the blog comments and I will be happy to address them. I look forward to your feedback.



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