10 Quick Tips To Put a Job Search Plan Together – Part 1

Every effective and efficient job search has a Plan of Action. Without a plan, your job search will probably seem overwhelming and scattered. The very act of creating a plan puts you in control with simple steps to reach your goals. Plans make dreams materialize. They move desires from your head and heart to your hands and feet. Here are ten quick tips to make your career dreams a reality.

Step 1: Take Small Steps

Your first small step in your job search is to develop a plan of action. When listing the stps you need to take, the goal seems easier to conquer, and you can plot out a time frame for what you need to accomplish.

Step 2: Understand The “A-E-I-O-U” Phases Of Your Job Search: Analysis ~ Express ~ Investigate ~ Orchestrate ~ Uncover

Analyze your best fit in relation to market realities, and then settle on one or two targets for the focus of the search. Express skills in resumes, verbal scripts and interviewing responses. Investigate by assembling a list of 5-100 companies and identifying their TOP issues and key contacts. Orchestrate targeted/active and traditional/passive search strategies. Finally, Uncover the employer’s priorities, needs and motivation to hire; clarify the key deliverables of the target position and offer proof the candidate can do the job.

Step 3: Get A “Gotta Have It” Goal

Front and center to any effective plan is a “gotta have it” goal. This goal should be inspiring – what is it that drives your job search – why is it so important to you?

Step 4: Understand The 10 Factors That Affect Attainability Of A Job Search Goal

There are 10 factors that help you in attaining the job you want:

1) your skill set;

2) industry experience and education;

3) motivation;

4) social skills;

5) support systems and network;

6) search strategy;

7) computer skills;

8) target salary;

9) amount of free time available for the search, and

10) potential obstacles.

Using a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate yourself on each of these 10 factors. Shore up any areas needed to speed up the search. If your score is below 50, consider changing the target to a “bridge” job if you want to be in a new position quickly.

Step 5: Hone In On Functional Skills And Industry Experience

The two most common factors for screening applicants are functional skills and industry experience. If you don’t score high in these two areas, your search can stall in a hurry.


Be sure to check my next blog post on Thursday, July 26, 2012 for the remaining 5 tips. Thank you for reading this article. I welcome your comments below.

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