A Must Read: Conducting An Active Job Search?

If you are getting calls for interviews in response to the resume you are sending out, that is wonderful, your resume seems to be working for you.

If you are not getting calls, or you’re getting calls for positions you are not interested in, your resume simply is not doing its job and needs to be changed NOW.

Here are reasons why you’re not getting calls:

  • There is no clear job target or focus
  • Your qualifications for that job are not apparent to the reader
  • There are just a few key words, or no key words, so your resume will not be pulled up in an employers database
  • There are no accomplishments listed that show a potential employer your value
  • Your resume is poorly formatted and difficult to read, or it does not look professional
  • The skill set on your resume does not match the skill set the employer is looking for
  • Your resume is over two pages
  • You go back so far in your employment history that they see you are over age 55

In today’s economy, your resume has to have all the right information, look great and represent you well. If it does not, it is a waste of your time to send it out. I am not trying to be hard or mean here, this is just a fact of life. If you are not getting results, changes have to be made. It’s as simple as that.

I bring this up now because one of the busiest hiring seasons of the year is almost upon us – September and October and you must act quickly to take advantage of that. Companies are searching for job candidates right now. If you are really serious about getting employment, NOW is the time to have your resume reworked immediately.

Be real honest with yourself. Does your resume meet all of the criteria that’s listed above? If you were doing the hiring for a company and came across your resume, would you pick up the phone and call you to come in for an interview?

Investing in having your resume show your value, and meet the employers’ needs, is a shortcut to reaching your career goals much more quickly. My goal is to guide you to rewarding employment by providing you with valuable advice and marketing materials – a resume and cover letter – so that you will land a position that is a good fit and you will get paid what your worth. In addition, I do everything I can to make your job transition an easy and pleasant experience.

I have helped 10’s of thousands of people get rewarding jobs. I write hundreds of resumes for job candidates like you every year. And the important thing is my clients get results – they get interviews. Over years of working with HR and recruiters, I know precisely which resumes get their attention.

To encourage you to take action now, I am offering a savings of 20% off my services if you make a decision to have your resume reworked within the next 2 days. In addition, you have the option to pay in two installments – one payment this month and one payment next month, but you will have the finished product in one week.  

Take action NOW on this valuable offer! Pick up the phone and call 248/478-5662 NOW, or email me at careerist@aol.com  Attach your resume to the email.

I am here, and ready to support you in your success of landing a new job!

Be the architect of your life, not the victim of your career!


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