Is Your 60-SECOND COMMERCIAL Helping or Hurting You?

I attended a local Chamber of Commerce meeting recently to do some networking. Of course, the question most often asked of me, and the one I always asked of others was, “What do you do?” While I was prepared to answer that question with my 60-Second Commercial, many I talked with were not. There were some answers to that question that left me confused as to what they did, and others who went on and on until I zoned out.

Your 60-Second Commercial is your answer to the question “Tell me about yourself” when you are in an interview, or “What do you do?” when you are networking. Do you have a 60-Second Commercial that that lets you hone in on exactly what you do and succinctly states the value you bring to your job?Can you answer the question why you should be hired over others? Your 60-Second Commercial is a great tool to use at any time, but it’s essential when conducting a job search. Make sure you have one that shows your uniqueness. Use it for the following situations:

  • While responding to the question, “Tell me about yourself” when networking
  • During an informational interview
  • At a job interview
  • In social situations with family and friends
  • Wherever there is an occasion to market yourself
  • At a pre-screening interview phone call

When was the last time you checked your 60-Second Commercial, or your mini bio for clarity, conciseness and simplicity? If you do not already have this important career tool, now is the time to get one – I can help you put one together.

I am here, and ready to support you in your success of landing a new job!


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