Six Secrets To Having A Stellar Resume

You’re fooling yourself if you think you’re going to get a job by copying a resume out of a book.

Too many job hunters simply buy a resume book, find one that best fits them and plug in their information. Voila! Done! Those are most likely the people who don’t understand why interviews are few and far between.

Like a perfect tennis serve, a perfect golf swing or a perfect omelet, a perfect resume takes more effort than simply copying what others do. Doing your homework – evaluating your unique value – pays big dividends. Your rewards come as much from the process of thinking and defining what you want, and what you have to offer a new employer, as the finished resume.

If you want to stay competitive by keeping up with current trends, you’ve got to try some new tactics. Adhere to these practices:

1)     Using technology is preferable to having it use you. An ASCII resume is preferred by most companies (70%) when you apply by email. Not crafting your resume consistent with Internet and search technology will severely limit your reach.

2)     Prepare resumes in both presentation and digital forms. Understand the implications, limitations and strengths of each.

3)     Take the time to do it right. There are few jobs that do not require a resume as a prerequisite to even being considered as a candidate.

4)     First impressions. The quality of the opportunities you are considered for is a function of the quality of your resume and how you get it delivered.

5)     Know yourself and what you want. Until you have examined and weighed both internal and external factors, you are not equipped to make a compelling case for the kind of work you seek.

6)     Gear your resume toward where you want to be by focusing on your future career or job goals. Do not rely only on jobs you’ve already had.

The question to ask yourself is: How is my resume working for me? Is it bringing me the results I want? If not you might want to make some changes.

I can help you with that – if you want your resume to be critiqued by me, send it to and put CRITIQUE in the subject line. I’d love to hear from you!

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