Does Your Business (Networking) Card Reflect the Impression You Want to Convey?

If you’re not already doing so, have a business card made up to hand out as part of your job search – actually, it’s good to have one for networking whether you are conducting a job search or not.

Networking business cards, which have the look and feel of a traditional business card, give you the opportunity to provide critical career and contact information with people you meet in social and professional situations.

Business Handshake SeriesKeep your networking cards clean and crisp and bring them EVERYWHERE you go — to networking events (obviously), career and job fairs, professional meetings, social gatherings, parties, weddings, and anywhere else you may run into potential contacts…everywhere. You should keep copies of your resume handy as well, but there are obviously numerous times where a resume would simply be too awkward to handle. Here are some tips for you:

Designing your Networking Cards – Networking cards are the same size and shape of business cards (3-1/2” wide and 2” high), contain key contact information like business cards, but instead of listing a company and job title, a networking card focuses on your job objective or unique selling proposition. Be sure to include all your pertinent contact information, including your name, phone number, email address, and your link to LinkedIn.

Don’t sell yourself short. Put your profession or job focus, your strongest skills or highest degree right under your name.

Exploit the reverse side. Fill the top half of that space with key bullets about your professional achievements, the name of a prominent prior employers and addresses for your Web page, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Be creative — within limits. Printing cards on shiny paper looks distinctive, but defeats their purpose – people can’t write on them. Your photo probably doesn’t belong on your card. A photo enables a hiring manager to remember your face — and discriminate against you.

Use a simple typeface, high-quality paper and an elegant design. Match your résumé font. A professionally prepared card shows you mean business.

Create different cards for different opportunities. This piece of advice especially makes sense if you possess many talents and are unsure what to do next. For example, you could have one card for sales and maybe another one for management.

Printing Details – So, how do you go about getting networking cards printed? You can have networking cards printed for you at a local printer or on the Web — or, you can try designing and printing them yourself on your computer. One site to use on the web is (I use them myself and have been very satisfied with the results – they are very reasonably priced)

***I want to make sure you have every opportunity to get calls for the jobs you want – in order to do this, you need to start with a stellar resume, an effective LinkedIn Profile and a system to navigate the Hidden Job Market. I know what it takes to get results. Just email your resume to me at and put “Resume Critique” in the subject line. I will then give you a complimentary resume critique, let you know what you can do to improve your LinkedIn Profile. I look forward to hearing from you.***


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