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How To Find a Job – Even In This Challenging Economy

April 28, 2015

I have great news! My clients are finding great jobs, and have been all along, even in this slow job market. Companies are still hiring and job seekers are landing jobs on a daily basis. So, what are these people doing that others are not? What sets them apart from the masses?

They are providing prospective employers with the one thing that is of utmost importance to them – they are answering the one question employers’ care about most, which is: What can you do to help that employer succeed?

  • They are selling their potential to deliver RESULTS rather than just their skills and basic qualifications
  • They are communicating their ability to deliver VALUE and BENEFITS to the employer
  • They have resumes that tell what they have accomplished, and more importantly, the value and benefits those accomplishments have produced for past employers
  • They know what value they bring to an employer and are able to communicate how they can contribute to an employer’s bottom line.

Why is this important? Because this is what employers base their hiring decisions on and this is how they decide what salary to pay you – the bigger salary you want, the more you must show your value and how it will meet the employers’ needs!

Success FailureWhen we talk with our families and friends these days, often we are discussing how to SAVE money or how to MAKE money. The same is true of companies. Employers see you as an investment, and they invest in you with the expectation that you will produce returns on that investment. These returns are in the form of how you will SOLVE a challenging problem, help them MAKE money, help them SAVE money, or help them INCREASE their efficiency. By communicating how you have delivered these types of results in the past, you illustrate that actual return on investment (ROI) that you delivered. This is what will easily set you apart from your competition.

So, don’t let the rising unemployment rate throw you into a panic. There are job openings that come up every day. Make sure you focus on emphasizing what is in it for the company. It’s not about what’s in it for you. IT”S ALL ABOUT THE COMPANY. What can you do for them? How can you solve their problem? How can you make more money for them? In what ways can you save them money? How can you help them in these tough economic times? Emphasize and communicate how you can be an asset to the company, and you will be surprised how quickly you will see positive job search results.

Take a good, objective look at your current resume. Does it tell the employer the actual value you will bring them, or does it mainly show your “tasks and duties”?

***I want to make sure you have every opportunity to get offers for the jobs you want, and at the salary you deserve – in order to do this, you need to start with a stellar resume. I know what it takes to get results. Just email your resume to me at and put “Resume Critique” in the subject line. I will then give you a complimentary resume critique. I look forward to hearing from you.***

Tips to Maximize Your Job Search Results

April 20, 2015

Stronger1. Control your attitude – you need to conduct your job search with confidence. You might consider taking walks to calm your head and think, read positive materials and meet with other professionals who can offer support and ideas.

2. Take a fresh look at your resume – is it a document you are proud of sending out? Does it show what you’ve accomplished so others can see your value? When you begin sending it out, track all the places you end it so you can conduct follow-up and measure your progress.

3. Develop a list of concise and measurable performance accomplishments – this is the main tool to help you sell your value to prospective employers and to others who can assist you in your job search. You are hired, and paid, for the value to bring to your job.

4. Identify target employer prospects and conduct research on them (their website and articles) to see how you can contribute to what their specific needs are.

5. Build your connections with others – it’s people, not job listings, that offer you jobs. It’s important to build contacts in your field that can give your advice and introduce you to others in your field of work. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals – call key contacts directly – especially if they work at a company you would like to consider.

6. Create a dynamic LinkedIn Summary – this should not be a repetition of your resume, yet it must show your value, and be compelling enough for people to pick up the phone and contract you to find out more about you. Also, get recommended on LinkedIn.

7. Become involved in professional and social organizations for the industry you are in. This gives you an opportunity to meet people who might be able to help you, to network on a regular basis, and to learn of new developments in your field.

Fine-tuning these actions will do wonders to help you achieve your goal of getting calls for interviews!