An Effective Tool To Help With Your Job Search

I recently came across my Vision Board from six years ago and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. This board is a compilation of the things I wanted to manifest in my life at that time. It consists of both pictures and words that conjure up clear images of what I want to have happen in my life.

Vision BoardOne of the things I wanted to manifest six years ago was having a home on the water. One year while on vacation, I took a picture of a house I really liked, that had waterfront footage on Lake Michigan – the picture showed both the house and the water so that the image was very clear to me.

My vision board was put in a prominent place in my office so I would see it several times each day. Since our brain thinks in pictures, it makes sense that images of what we want, latch into our subconscious and will become attracted into our life at some point – pictures work much more effectively than just words.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on expands, or comes into your life, whether it is good or bad. If you focus on good, then good comes into your life. If you focus on the negative, negative things come into your life. Think about some of the people you know. I bet you know people who seem upbeat and life is going well for them. And, you probably know people who are struggling, and who seem to be depressed, or are down on themselves.

Fast-forward seven years. Now, I do have a home on the water. It wasn’t the home I envisioned – it’s a boat, but we do live on it six months a year, in Florida, and I love it. Vision Boards do work!

If you are looking for a new job, it is important that your mind-set is positive, and that you believe in your capabilities. Employers are not interested in people who are not excited about their line of work, or excited about their life. Nor are they excited about people who aren’t confident in what they can do. Make sure your mind and your resume reflect positive images about you.

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