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10 Tips That Dramatically Reduce The Time It Takes to Land a New Job

October 1, 2015

Plane landing by sunrise1. Operate with a peak performing, confident, enthusiastic and fearless mindset – a world-class resume is no good in the hands of a depressed or complacent job candidate

2. Treat the process as a campaign and a people search, not a job search – it’s people who interview and hire you

3. Have clear and concise job / career goals that align with your values – if you aren’t sure what you want, how will an employer know?

4. Identify your economic value; or organizational worth to a company – you get hired for your value, not because you need a job

5. Ditch the assembly line, look alike resume and produce a high-impact document that communicates your ability to produce results better than other qualified job candidates – – You must answer the only question that really matters – WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP THIS EMPLOYER SUCCEED? If I have written your resume, you already have one that highlights your value

6. Create a reference portfolio; make sure your references will say good things about you – contact each reference and go over with them what they will say about you

7. Develop a written Action Plan with daily, weekly and monthly tasks, goals and measurements – you can’t fix or correct what you can’t measure – this plan will keep you focused and on task

8. Take deliberate action to take care of yourself first – the greatest mastery in the world is the mastery of yourself – eat well, exercise and surround yourself with people who support you

9. Identify the 3 – 4 job strategies that will work best and quickest for you – spend 95% of your time on these strategies – except do not spend all of this time on job boards – they simply do not work 98% of the time

10. Identify potential obstacles to getting hired quickly and DO NOT ignore them – rather, develop a strategy to neutralize / eliminate them – whatever you ignore will lead to a longer, more painful job search

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