10 Ways to Ensure Your Resume Will NOT Bring You Results

From talking with lots of job seekers I know many of you spend hours trying to craft the perfect resume. You spend hours reviewing your work history and try to include every detail you feel is important. You have gathered references from others that provide glowing reports of your work. And, you have sent your resume out to various job openings, but your phone is not ringing. What’s the problem?

bandaidYour resume that you worked so hard on may be hurting you. I know that is hard to accept, when you feel it represents you so well.

Human Resources & Recruiters scan your resume for about six seconds, as they are looking for anything to disqualify you, since they usually have so many resumes to review. They focus on key areas – your contact information, current job title, company, previous position & company, start & end dates, and education. From this, they decide whether you could be a possible fit or not. If your resume doesn’t stand out, it’s put in the NO pile.

The hiring manager does not want to guess what kind of position you want, or if you qualify for that position, with your skill set and previous experience. So, you have to think like the hiring manager, and arrange your resume accordingly. Before you send out your next resume, check for these common problems:

• There is no focus as to what type of job you want
• There are no specific qualifications for the type of job you want
• There are no key words, or words that don’t reflect the type of job you want
• The value you bring to the job is not clear to the employer – they want to know what you can do to meet their needs to help them succeed
• Your format does not look professional, isn’t easy to read and doesn’t flow well – not clear & concise
• Your resume isn’t long enough, or is too long – over two pages
• Your education is missing
• You have included pictures, personal information, etc.
• You have grammatical errors – this shows carelessness, and not paying attention to detail
• You do not have a cover letter that is addressed to the hiring manager, not Human Resources

I understand that being a Job Seeker is not easy. That is why I hope you take these tips seriously, and take a hard look at what you are sending out, especially if you are not getting calls to interview.

***I want to make sure you have every opportunity to get interviews for the job opportunities you want, so I am offering you a complementary resume critique. Just email your resume to me at careerist@aol.com, put “Resume Critique” in the subject line and I will critique your resume. I would love to hear from you***

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