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Slash Weeks Off Your Job Search By Taking a Few Simple Steps

June 10, 2015

ClocksOne of the questions I get asked most often is “How long do you think my job search will take?” And, the answer I always give is “It depends.”

It depends on if your resume and cover letter clearly show your value. Do they let the reader know your specific uniqueness and how you’ve made contributions in your past positions? The reason you get hired is for the value you bring to the company. If an employer can’t see the value you have to offer through your resume, they will never call you for an interview – no matter how great a skill set you have. If your resume doesn’t show your value, it’s a total waste of time to even send it out.

It depends on how much time you have to devote to your job search. If you are working full time, or even part time, you obviously won’t have as much time to devote to a job search as someone who is not working at all. Whether you are working or not, it’s necessary to schedule specific time into your daily/weekly routine to allow for your job search. And, it’s imperative to stick to your schedule – be consistent and diligent. Keep in mind, the more time you devote to your job search, the quicker you will find a new job.

It depends on the avenues you utilize to conduct your job search. Are you following a step-by-step proven system that works, or, are you tackling it willy-nilly, hoping for the best and wondering if what you are doing is going to work or not? Are you spending all of your time on job boards – which really deliver almost no results – or, are you spending most of your time researching companies where you’d like to work, and then finding someone who works for that company and getting to know them through social networking? Are you also networking in person? Networking and the Hidden Job Market are the most productive ways to find a new job.

It depends on whether you have a good plan of action for your job search, and whether you work your plan on a consistent basis. A good plan of action consists of knowing what works and what doesn’t, and using multi-channels during your search.

It depends on whether you have the right tools to conduct an effective job search: a great resume, cover letter, elevator speech, business card, a URL on LinkedIn, a great plan, and a solid support team, to name but some of what you need for success.

Each of the above points contribute to shortening your job search. It all boils down to knowing what actions to take and then taking those actions.

By having a clear strategy, and working that strategy consistently, you will take weeks off your job search, and you have a much greater chance of landing the perfect job for you.

PS: All of this information is covered, in great detail, in my Hidden Job Market program – gives you a step-by-step process for getting rehired quickly. For more information, email me at, or call me at 248/478-5662.

Also, ***I want to make sure you have every opportunity to get calls for the jobs you want – in order to do this, you need to start with a stellar resume – so I am offering you a complementary resume critique – I know what it takes for a resume to get results! Just email your resume to me at and put “Resume Critique” in the subject line. I will then critique your resume. I look forward to hearing from you.***

Proven Tips For Job Search Success

November 17, 2012

Whether you’re currently employed or not, here’s how to put everything you’ve got into your job search to get great results! I’m going to give you five today and the final five will be in by next newsletter, so be sure to look for it.

1.  Create Your 60 Second Commercial. Summarize what you are bringing to the table – your value. Make it short and sweet, but compelling enough to capture the attention of your listener/reader. Use it at networking events, casual meetings, the interview and for your LinkedIn profile.

2.  Write a Killer Resume. Your resume needs to be relevant to the jobs you’re applying for. Make sure you have your target job you want, the skills expected for that job and accomplishments that show your value. Make it clear with easy-to-read–bullet points. Keep it down to 1-2 pages, and fill it with keywords that will get it noticed by computerized tracking systems.

3.  Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile.You MUST utilize social media in your job search. There’s just no other way around it. A great profile includes your job history, a business professional picture and a summary of who you are and what you do.

4.  Use your LinkedIn Membership. Don’t just create the profile. Participate. One of the things that make LinkedIn so powerful is the connections you can make and the recommendations you can acquire. You make connections by joining groups, participating in discussions, and getting introductions to people you need to know, through recommendations. Also, LinkedIn is an amazing resource for information on companies, hiring managers and industry trends.

5.  Develop Your Online Brand. Your online reputation is the sum total of what an employer will find out about you when they Google your name. Make sure that every time you say something online, that it’s professional and relevant. Google your name and see what others will see when they Google you. Try to fix anything that does not present you in a good light.

I can provide further information for each one of these tips. I would love for you to contact me at 248/478-5662 or I am here, and ready to support you in your success of landing a new job!

Are You Using Your “Job Search” Time Wisely?

May 11, 2012

Or – Are You Wasting A Lot of Time Spinning Your Wheels?

Learn how to eliminate time wasters

When I talk with people looking for jobs, many complain that it is taking so long and that they spend more time than they would like on non-job searching activities. If this is you, I want to give you some tips to eliminate time wasters as you conduct your job search.



  1. Designate an “office” for your job search. I recommend a plastic file box with a snap-on lid, but it could be something as simple as a milk crate. Also, make sure you have a specific physical space with computer, phone, and supplies where you can work.
  2. Make a file for each company you explore.  This should include the resume and cover letter you sent, the job posting, contact names and referral source – anything you know about that company.
  3. Check your email only at certain times each day.  It’s easy to lose focus on what you need to do and to waste time with email. I recommend checking it first thing in the morning and maybe about 1:00 in the afternoon. Spend your time on functions that are more important – like researching companies where you would like to work.
  4. Keep your files close at hand.  Make sure you can access all necessary information about a company when a hiring manager calls. You cannot afford to rely on what you “remember” about the opportunity; rather – you must recognize and respond to with with genuine interest!
  5. Set your goals each week for what you will accomplish and post them where you can see them.  How many resumes will you send? Which companies will you research? Which networking events will you attend? Who will you call on this week? Identify the elements of your job search and quantify them. Only then will you know if you are making progress.
  6. Just say “no”!  To your neighbor, friend, or spouse who things that as long as you’re not working … you can paint the living room, babysit the neighbor’s kids, or hang out and watch TV. Tips for saying no: (a) Stop, listen, and give your full attention to the request; (b) Say “no” right away, politely, but firmly – but don’t build false hope; (c) State your need to focus on your job search; (d) Refrain from making excuses since this only annoys people.